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Guernsey Cows at Stillbrook Acres FarmStillbrook Acres is a proud producer of 100% unpasteurized A2/A2 golden guernsey milk, yogurts and cheeses. Our cows are grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free.

What Is A2A2 Milk?

 Real milk from real cows. The Guernsey breed is The Source for the naturally occurring A2 gene and A2A2 milk protein!

A 2/ A 2 Milk Explained

The two most common types of beta casein proteins found in milk are A1 and A2 Breeds of cows like the Guernsey, can be bred to produce milk without the A1 gene.


Why Is This Important?

The two proteins are digested differently, and some stomachs have a sensitivity to the A1 protein, causing problems with digestion Many people who think they are reacting to the lactose in milk, are actually reacting to the A1 protein! Simply switching to A2A2 milk can reintroduce you back into the world of real dairy products.


Nutrition Facts

flavored milks by Stillbrook Acres Farm
Omega 3 3X more than other milk
Beta Cartene evidenced by its golden color
Protein contains 12% MORE and helps BURN fat and BUILD muscle
Vitamin D contains 33% MORE
Vitamin C contains 25% MORE
Calcium contains 15% MORE
Buuterfat average of 4.65%


Is A2 Always Best?

There is a company which markets its milk under the brand “A2 Milk”. While this sounds great, many of their cows are not grass based. Worse than this, the milk is typically ultra- pasteurized, greatly altering the proteins and destroying the natural enzymes in milk, making it more difficult to digest and rendering it an unnatural product.


Our Product List

Milk White Milk  
Flavored Milks

Cookies and Cream

Orange Cream
Yogurts Plain
Lemon Zest
Key lime
Fromage Blanc Cheese Garlic and Dill
Black Pepper
Herb De Provence
Other Cheeses Feta Halloumi


Where To Buy

At our Stillbrook Acres Farm in Gray, ME

Lois' Natural Marketplace in Scarborough, ME and Portland, ME

Village Store in New Gloucester, ME

Portland Food Co-Op in Portland, ME

Bow Street Market in Freeport, ME

Farmers Market in South Portland, ME > Summer and Winter

Farmers Market in Cumberland, ME > May - October

Farmers Market in Yarmouth, ME > June - September


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309 Mayall Road
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